How Many Bones Are There In Your Head?


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There are 28 bones in the skull
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There are 28 bones in your head--14 in your face, 8 in your cranium, 6 inside your ears...depending upon how loosely you are defining "your head" you could also make this 29 as there is 1 at the top of your throat.
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22 Bones. But if your saying Skull. We're talking about 1 Bone. About 221 Bones in the Human Body.
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On birth a human body contains 340 bones but with time some of the bones get together to form one bone .
An adult human body contains 205 bones.
Mohammad doughan
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There are 22 bones in the human skull.

The human skeleton can be divided into the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton.

The axial skeleton has five areas and consists of 80 bones in a typical adult:

Skull (22)
Ossicles (bones of the middle ear) (6)
Hyoid bone (bone in the throat) (1)
Vertebral column (26)
Chest (25)

The appendicular skeleton has six areas and consists of 126 bones in a typical adult:

Shoulder girdle (4)
Arms (6)
Hands (54)
Pelvic girdle (2)
Legs (8)
Feet (52)
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Comprising of the cranium and facial bones there are 22 in all. There are eight bones in the cranium. These are the frontal bone, two parietal bones, two temporal bones, the occipital bone in the back, the ethmoid bone at the back of the nose and the sphenoid bone.
The face comprises off 14 bones which make up the maxilla or upper jaw, and mandible, or lower jaw. There are many small holes in the skull's base which allow the cranial nerves to lead to their designated areas.
The cranium forms a protection for the brain, which for an average adult male weighs about 1,400 gram.
It has been calculated that the mental capacity of a 100-year old with perfect memory could be represented by a computer with one petabit of memory. At the current rate of hi-tech computer chip development, that figure may only be reached in 35 years time. Even so that only represents memory capacity and not the complex processes of thought and emotion.
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Axial skeleton Skeleton
Skull [22]
Carnium 8
Face 14
Hyoid 1
Ears 6
Vertebral column 26
Thorax [25]
Sternum 1
Ribs 24
Appendicular skeleton
Shoulde gridle 4
Two hands [30+30] 60
Hip bones 2
Two legs [30+30] 60
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Your head is just one big bone! Actualy I don't know 'cause you also have your teeth that are bones and you nose and don't forget about ears! So nevermind the big bone thing! Just google it! Lol

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