What Are The Two Important Tools In Geography?


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You will find that geography helps us in many different ways, however, the most important is going to be to help us to study and understand the world's environment and to see how man interacts with the environment and what effect this has.

· Studying the environment

If we didn't study the environment then geography would be useless. We would not know about all of the different things that we do and we would not understand why the world is like it is and how it has changed over periods of time. This is an important tool in geography as it allows us to make many different predictions with regards to how the world is going to continue changing and what we think is going to happen, and this connects to the other main tool of the studying.

· Man's interaction with the environment

Not only is it the natural things which happen in the world that change the geography that we have, but it is us. The substances that we use and the traveling that we do is always changing the environment and the different geographies of the earth and what we know today, it is man's interaction which has seen the changes within geography and allowed the world to change along with us.

Not all of the changes and interactions have been bad, however, and this is why the study of the environment as a whole ensures that we are not damaging the world too much. Geography allows us to understand what is happening and therefore we can find the reasons as to why these things are happening and what we can do to prevent them from carrying on any further.

Studying for the future is very important as we have to ensure that the world can keep up with the evolving that we are doing and therefore the damages which we are going to be causing.

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