Where Is Waltham Cross, London?


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Waltham Cross in a town in England. It is not located in the city of London. It is, in fact, in the county of Hertfordshire. It falls under the Broxbourne district. Broxbourne is a district in the county of Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire is a county in the East of England region. Waltham Cross is the most southeasterly town in the county of Hertfordshire in England.

The town of Waltham Cross is the location of one of the three remaining Eleanor's Crosses, the stone monuments erected by king Edward I of England. It is also the location of the Temple Bar monument. This monument was erected to mark one of the boundaries of London. It is the westernmost extent of the city of London. It is located on the road leading up to Westminster, where Fleet Street meets the Strand. Waltham Cross is famous for the fact that the musician Cliff Richard attended King's Road Primary School in the town.

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