What Is The Weather Like In London During The Month Of April?


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In the month of April it is spring time in London and most of London is always looking forward to this season. The temperatures rise up once again only this time they are accompanied by warm sunshine of spring. The environment also undergoes a drastic change with the usually dull environs taking on a new green color. It is the perfect time for Londoners to set out with friends and family and enjoy the weather. However, the month of April also brings with it the spring showers that take place one in a while. In the recent years though, these have been much more common owing to rapid climate changes, making them one of the chief characteristics of springtime. Average temperatures at this time of the year are around 7C or 44.6F. The British capital receives sunshine for close to 6 hours during this season. Many tourists who come here don't know what exactly to pack for this season hence it is recommend that you carry a warm as well as summer clothes and some rainwear.
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