What Is Glass Rod And Its Functions?


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Glass rod is tubing made of glass which can be used for a variety of functions, from thermometers to stirrers.

The rods can be found in engineering, scientific and ophthalmic environments. Their dimensions will depend on the chosen function. Some can have a diameter of a fraction of a millimeter but a regular glass rod is likely to have a diameter of about 3 mm.

They can come in a range of shapes, from round to profiled. For specialist applications the glass rods can be made in materials such as lead glass, fused silica, quartz and soda lime glass.

  • The uses of glass rods
Glass rods can be used for spreading liquids onto a surface. High precision glass rods may be used in analytical chemistry.

The Technical Glass Company specializes in precision bore tubing. For small diameters the tube is re-drawn on a special mandrel while for larger diameters it is shrunk onto a precision mandrel.

Electrical energy was first demonstrated using glass rods rubbed with silk or fur.

Nowadays, there is a large market for glass rods in crafts such as bead making. A whole host of colors are now available for decorative effect such as multicolored, jet black, purple and rose.

An extensive selection of materials in vibrant colors can be obtained from Devardi Speciality Glass for use in lamp working and bead making. The rods range from clear to marbled and even include striped rods which look like a stick of rock - suggesting a souvenir of a seaside visit.

For those who get bitten by this craft bug, there are also a range of accessories for sale including a lampwork glass rod warmer which allows the glass to be placed straight in the flame from the warmer thereby avoiding shocks caused by a change in temperature.

Clear glass rods can be bought for a few dollars each via internet suppliers such as Amazon and Urban Bar.

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