How Does Science Influence Your Life?


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Science influences every aspect of our lives. Without science, we would not have had any of the medical breakthroughs that have been responsible for saving so many people’s lives. Research into drugs and medical procedures, such as hip replacements and heart testing through ECGs, are all based in science.

Without science, improvements in maternity care would never have been made and so the majority of us would not be here at all because infant mortality would be so high.

Environmental factors are all learned through science. It was scientific studies that made it possible for us to learn about the dangers of CFC gases and other influences that contribute to global warming. It is these studies that also inform us on what we must do to slow down the procedure. For example, without science we would be able to recycle.

Whether we approve or not, genetically modified (GM) crops could not have been brought about without science. The thinking behind GM crops was not just to produce the perfect tomato, it was also to make crops resistant to disease and parasites and enable food growers to produce enough food for the world.

Without science, we would not have electricity, telephones, computers, light bulbs, cars and other vehicles. We would not be able to fly away to that perfect holiday destination without science, or enjoy a chilled beer straight from the fridge. In fact, there would be no beer.

There has never been a time in the history of mankind when science has not influenced lives. Even if you go back to Neanderthal times, they may not have been aware that they were applying science to their lives, but even making fire constituted a scientific application.

There have many famous scientists throughout the centuries, all striving to use science to influence the world that we live in, and in the main, their work has been beneficial.

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