What Is Famous In Greenland?


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Greenland is famous for its glaciers. The Jacobshavn Glacier in the icefjord of Ilulissat/Jacobshavn ice field is the fastest moving glacier in the world. Located some 40 km east of Ilulissat town, this calving ice cap glacier moves at an incredible speed of one metre an hour.

The Jacobshavn is easy to reach because it's close proximity to the town of Ilulissat and other surrounding settlements.

On an annual basis, this glacier produces about 30 cubic kilometres of ice which is more than any glacier and makes it 10 per cent of the total ice production from Greenland's ice cap.

The Jacobshavn Glacier is a floating, calving glacier. This area also has two important sites situated at Sermermiut and Qajaa for study of Eskimo prehistory
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Greenland has also had a few actors come from there to america

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