What Is The Famous Flower In Holland?


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The flower for which the Netherlands is most famous for is the tulip. When the Queen of Holland took refuge in Canada during the 2 nd. World War she gave Canada 1 million tulip bulbs by way of thanking us. They are all planted on Parliament Hill and make quite the show when they bloom. Holland is also famous for the daffodil and it's remarkable hybrids.
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The Netherlands are also famous for their Tulips.
These flowers are widely exported. Holland has many tulip fields and one of the attractions of a trip to Holland is to see the tulips and they are symbolic of Holland. The Dutch stereotype used to be the figure of a lady in national dress with tulips in her arms.

From the months of April to September flower parades are held throughout the country.
The Bollenstreek Flower Parade is the biggest parade held at the end of April annually.
Villages of the Bollenstreek decided to get together and organize one big parade.
1.5 million different flowers are created by enthusiastic volunteers who create wonderful floats. Other flowers displayed on these floats are daffodils and hyacinths.
The Bloemencorso Valkenswaard is a smaller parade which also includes folk dancing and street theatre.

The Kerstflora Show is held every year in December.s. In Lisse, the Museum De Zwarte Tulp or The Balck Tulip, have a extensive collection of historical material on the flower. These include information and displays about the cultivation and the evolution of the flowers and , drawings, photographs, and tools .
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Netherlands is famous for poppies.Poppies are bright red flowers with large and beautiful petals.They are sometimes considered to be weeds, but they are very lovely plants.In Netherlands, there are whole fields filled with poppies.
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The most famous flower in holland

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