What Continent Is Greenland On?


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North America is what most people say. Others say it's Europe. I say it's North America.

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Greenland is known in the local language, which is called Greenlandic, as Kalaallit Nunaat. The phrase Kalaallit Nunaat is translated into the English language as Land of the Kalaallit, which also means the land of the Greenlanders. Greenland is a territory that belongs to the government of Denmark, but it is a self-governed territory. It is geographically and ethnically an island nation which is situated in the Arctic Ocean.

It is associated with the continent of North America, which is the third largest continent in terms of area after the continents of Asia and Africa. However, politically and historically, the island nation of Greenland is closely associated to the continent of Europe, which is the sixth largest continent of the world.

Greenland covers a total surface area of about 2, 166, 086 square kilometres and has a total population of about 57, 100 according to the census of population which was conducted in the month of December 2006.

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