How Many Microorganisms Live On The Average Human?


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If you are at all squeamish about affairs of nasty parasites, then look away now !
It is estimated that there are trillions of micro-organisms on each human. These are known as microbial fauna and come in two types : those which live permanently on the body and those which just visit.
Around 80 different types live in the mouth alone. And every square centimetres of the human bowel contains around 10 billion organisms.
In addition, there are around 10 million individual bacteria which live on each square centimetre of skin.
However, within our bladders there is practially no bacteria or fauna because the urine removes them !
Whilst these numbers may seem scary, if all the bacteria on the skin were collected up, they would only fit inside a pea: that is how small they are. Those within the body are less than 300 millilitres in volume.
Temporary 'visitors' are usually unwelcome and few are micro-organisms, but those which are include fungi (often found in the hair) and mould (found in skin creases).
But remember, all these are natural and contribute to human life (I think!)

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