Discuss the importance of microorganisms in our lives and in nature?


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Microbial and human life and production and living. There are many food (e.g., soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, wine, yogurt and cheese, mushroom), industrial products (such as leather, textile, petrochemical, drugs (such as antibiotics and vaccines, vitamin, ecological pesticides) is dependent on microbe manufacturing, Mineral exploration and exploitation of microorganisms in water purification, waste disposal (gas, fermentation in various fields such as) also play an important role. The cognitive nature of microorganism is nitrogen (such as rhizobium fredii) and plant residues of cellulose degradation (if), while in common degradation of the food chain, thus completing ends carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur and phosphorus in the theory of biomass. If there is no microorganism, many biological lose the necessary nutritional source, plant fiber residues cannot decompose and infinite accumulation, there is no nature of the prosperity and order or human and.
In addition, the microbes to earth climate change also plays an important role. Many microbial directly involved in the greenhouse gas emissions or absorption, and also has a lot of microbes can become future biofuels.

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