How Large Is The Average Human Brain?


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The human brain has three most important divisions like:
1. Cerebellum
2. Cerebrum
3. Brain Stem

The human brain is most complex and important part of the human body, average human brain weighs about 1.5 kilogram (3 pounds) and its size rather larger than a grapefruit, and is consistency resemblance undercooked custard or ripe avocado. The main parts of the brain like dome-shaped cerebrum, brings to mind an oversized shelled walnut. The surface of the cerebrum, the cerebral cortex, is where most of the brain's information is stored; the frontal temporal, partial and occipital lobes. There is little more to be seen on the outside than the peach sized cerebellum at the back, and the brain stem connecting brain and spinal cord.

If viewing brain form top, we can see the longitudinal fissure of the cortex, runs from front to back, dividing the brain in to right and left hemispheres. Fissure also runs from side to side. The motor and somato-sensory cortices from brands across the top of the brain. The brain receives information via one set of nerves and issue instruction for the action via another set of nerves.

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