What Should I Do If My Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off?


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Get kids and animals out of house especially if anyone has a headache. Also open doors and windows to allow house to air out. Get a spray bottle and put a couple drops of soap (liquid dish soap) in bottle and fill with water. Go to all appliances that are ran off of gas, ie.-stove/oven,cloths dryer, water-heater,fireplace ( if gas supplied)wall furnaces etc... And slowly spray all flex pipes/valves etc... Leading to the appliance. Spray to entirely coat pipe, and look for bubbles.if no bubbles, then no leak. If you get bubbles, there's your leak. Turn off valve to app. And fix or call someone who can.
      If it's to bad to do yourself, get out of house, turn off gas supply to house at meter. A pipe comes out of ground, goes to meter, then into wall. Valve is located between pipe out of ground and meter. Is usually little flat bar looking thing you can turn with crescent wrench. Turn so that bar layes horizontal on pipe to turn'll never be easy to turn, so don't worry bout breaking it, they're all hard to turn. After that call a plumber. Good luck.  P.S. But you may also want to check batteries in detector for charge also.   Sean
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The great thing about carbon monoxide detectors is that the noise of the alarm when it does go off is extremely loud so you are bound to hear it no matter what you are doing. There are generally a few different sounds that the detector gives off. These include a certain sound when you are simply just testing the detector and the proper alarm when it detects gas. If the detector does go off, as with any other emergency situation, try and stay as calm as possible and get everyone out of the house.
Before you leave the house it would be a good idea to resent the alarm and then go outside and call the emergency fire department. Carbon monoxide is seen as an emergency and so you should expect the fire department to be there fairly quickly. Ensure everyone who was within the home is taking deep breaths of fresh air and be aware of any symptoms you may be experiencing from the gas. You will need to tell the fire brigade everything when they arrive.

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