What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Telephone Surveys?


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Telephone survey advantages include:
• Call-backs can be used to reach difficult-to-reach but critical respondents
• A large number of interviews can be conducted in a short period of time
• Greater potential for receiving unbiased responses
• Greater control over sampling and quotas
• Can get "specialized" responses through screening questions
• Interviewers can ask probing, follow-up, or clarifying questions
• Permits "skip and branching" patterns
Telephone survey disadvantages include:
• Interviews can be easily terminated by respondents
• Respondents are not anonymous to the interviewers
• Costs can escalate quickly
• Cannot use visual aids
• Possible response bias if all interviewers do not conduct the survey in the same manner

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Survey through e-mail has the following advantages such as easy to circulate, lesser costs, easier to send greater number of participants, greater geographical coverage, easier to get the results and flexibility provided to the participants. However, people conducting the survey cannot control the behavior of participants or cannot monitor them because of different geographical locations of participants. The people conducting the survey cannot make sure the non-occurrence of undesirable conditions at the time when questionnaire was being filled by the participant. People might not return the questionnaire back or not fill it if they are not interested.

The advantages of telephone survey include: One to one communication between the participant and the person who is conducting the survey, easier geographical coverage, relatively lesser costs as compared to the direct interviewing and use of computerized software which dial the numbers randomly to select the even distribution or random sampling from the population. However the conductor has no control over the environmental condition of the respondent which might distort the responses of the respondent. The response rate can be low if people show unwillingness in responding to the survey.
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Telephone survey and mail questionnaire which one is more adaptable to open ended question
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I suppose it depends are you answering the survey or wanting the results of a telephone survey?  For the first perspective answering the survey they can be time consuming, unsure where your information will be used, could be a scam for your personal details, not really aimed at you.  If you want the results of a survey people may have not answered honestly, they might not have had the alternatives available for a correct choice, not enough people wanting to take part, not the results you were hoping for.

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