Why Does The Full Moon Make People Act Strange?


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There is no scientific basis that can back up the full moon having an effect on human behaviour

But it is possible that some people can react to a full moon because it has been suggested to them and expected of them to do so. i.e a required environmental effect.
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Why do people act strange during a full moon?

What's weird about this question is that people have been asking it for a very long!

In fact the Roman Goddess of the Moon, Luna, is where we get the word lunacy from.

Ancient Greeks like Aristotle came up with a pretty clever theory:

We all know that the moon has an effect of the tides and other bodies of water on Earth, perhaps it's doing the same thing to water molecules in our body; more specifically within our nervous system - thus making as act a little crazy!

While this theory is lovely, there are two major problems with it:

  1. The Moon's gravitational force isn't powerful enough to have any influence of the water within our bodies.
  2. There isn't any data to prove that full moons make people go crazy anyway. Although stories about werewolves and lunatics capture people's imagination and are the subject of literature and movies, crime statistic, psychological reports and sociological studies fail to show an increase in unorthodox behaviour during full moons.
So, to answer your question, a full moon would really only make someone feel unsettled if they've already got a pre-existing mental health condition.

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Interestingly, (or not, depending upon your point of view). Arson attacks in the US reach "peaks" that more-or-less correspond with full moons. The correlation is pretty good. Attempts to match other crimes of violence to the lunar cycle do not work so well. During the 60s and 70s race riots in the US, there was an almost direct correlation between the air temperature and the number of people injured. Being hot makes you bad-tempered it would appear. The moon obviously has less effect.
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" Why Does The Full Moon Make People Act Strange? "

It doesn't.

This is called conformational bias. Did you think about all the other times people act strange without a full moon?

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