What Are The For And Against Logging And Arguments For Conservation?


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Some dot points against logging
• The loss of wildlife. Around 1080 animals get poisoned each year.
• The loss of scenery (the beautiful sights of the trees)
• It Affects peoples homes because of the smell of the fires and burn trees
• The loss of biodiversity (meaning biomes and so on)
• The loss of wilderness
• The loss of rainforests (beautiful lakes and creatures)
• Water supplies would get low because lots of the water would burn away
• The loss of carbon that was stored in the trees
• Mostly all of the trees go to a paper company
• Pollution
• Might hurt beaches.
• Might hurt lagoons
• Might hurt rugged headlands
• Might hurt jagged mountains
• Might hurt gorges carved by wild rivers
• Might hurt lakes

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