What Is The Climate Of Delaware?


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A large part of the American state of Delaware is situated in the area covered by the Atlantic Coastal Plain. It is due to the effects of the ocean that Delaware enjoys a moderate climate, which is, infact, in a state of transition between the humid climate found in the subtropical zone (in counties like Sussex and Kent) and the continental climate.

There is a significant variation in the mean temperatures in and the amounts of snowfall received by the counties of Sussex and New Castle in the state of Delaware, which are just approximately 100 miles away from each other. The southern part of the state has a milder climate than the northern part, and also has a longer season for the cultivation of crops. The bald cypress is a tree that grows at the Trap Pond State Park in the county of Sussex, located in the northern part of the state. The vegetation grown in the New Castle county is similar to that of the rest of the northeastern United States. Delaware experiences hot and humid summers.

There is a debate about whether the county of New Castle should be included in the humid subtropical climatic zone or the warm continental climatic zone.

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