Where I Can Get The Picture Of Ernesto Del Rosario?


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I assume that you are referring to the Filipino chemist Ernesto Del Rosario. I'm not clear n if you are looking for a specific picture, however you can access Google Images and type in his name to find some pictures of the chemist.

  • Who is he?
Ernesto Del Rosario is the man who invented a number of alcohol production techniques from materials of the starch variety as well as cellulosic materials. In addition he developed a process of fermentation with regards to alcohol and he also discovered a way of producing yeast using waste coconut water. In 1977 he was awarded a TOYM Award for Natural Science.

  • Anacleto Del Rosario
This is another Filipino chemist who contributed to alcohol research in terms of production. He managed to create a pure alcoholic substance from the tuba of a nipa palm. In addition he developed the method of extracting castor oil from the plant palma Christi.

  • Alfredo Santos
Santos was another Filipino chemist who was more concerned with agriculture. He did extensive research on the chemical composition of various foods that originate from the Philippines, as well as the nutritional aspects of the food. The research and findings that he discovered helped to resolve a number of problems that Filipino citizens found with their diet.

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