Where Can I Find Pictures Of Backyard Landscape Designs? I'd Like To Get A Few Ideas.


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Louise Gorman answered
  Google is a good place to find pictures. Click on 'Images' on Google's main page and then type in 'backyard landscape designs'. You should get some good quality pcitures as well as some good websites which the pictures are linked to. To improve your search, click on 'Advanced Image Search' and alter some of the options so that you get results closer to what you are looking for.

  You can also try the image search on Yahoo! And there is also an image search on Both of these, like Google, have advanced search options which you use to improve the reults of your image searches. Alternatively, you could just do a normal search on the internet for pictures as there may be websites with photo galleries which you can view. has a few photo galleries and ideas about backyard landscape design, so perhaps you could try that.
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KB Baldwin answered

Haven't checked put the site for a while, but Sunset Magazine used to have great ideas. 

Also, you local library may have a good selection of landscape books.  I know our local one does. 

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Ellen Hurley answered
I like www.BH& (which is Better Homes & Gardens) site. The garden link offers lots of photos, free plans, tips, etc. If you sign up as a member via your email address, they send you weekly tips to your email address, free of charge.

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