Where Is 55 Park Lane?


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Amazingly there are thirteen 55 Park Lanes in London. But perhaps the one most famous is Park Lane in Central London England.

55 Park Lane is located Marylebone, London, W1. The area is known for its Arab population. Park Lane has also been designated as the A4202. 55 Park Lane is near Deanery Street and South Street. Opposite it to the west are Hyde Park and its famous bird sanctuary. Inside Hyde Park and running parallel with Park Lane is Lovers Walk and Broad Walk. The Hilton is a little way down to the south-east. Further south and there is Buckingham Palace. The entire area in which the street is located is known as the City of Westminster.

The street of Park Lane and the area of Mayfair to its east are the most expensive properties listed on the board of the popular game Monopoly.

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