What's The Temperature On Saturn?


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The mean(average) temperature on Saturn is -140 degrees celsius (-220 degrees farenheit)
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Saturn is a sixth planet in the Milky Way galaxy and a part of our solar system. It is the last planet that was known to the ancient people. It is mainly made up of 75 per cent hydrogen, 24 per cent helium, water, ammonia and methane. It is the least dense of all planets. Saturn also has nitrogen like earth but no oxygen and hence humans cannot breathe in Saturn.

The mean temperature of Saturn at the cloud tops is estimated to be 88K. The effective temperature of Saturn from 30 degrees south to 10 degrees north is 96.5 + or - 2.5 K. Thus the temperature is colder in Saturn and ammonia often leaves ammonia snow.
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-191° C to >-130° C
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Saturn temperature is -350 of earth but 288 degrees only smart people know this lol jk

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