What Is The Average Temperature In The Himalayas?


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The Himalayan region mostly faces two types of season's winter and summer. The temperature during summers near the southern foothills is around 30 degrees Celsius; the winter temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius.

In the central Himalayan valley the average temperature during summer is approximately 25 degrees Celsius, where as the winters are really chilly. The higher region of the mid Himalayas records a temperature of about 15 to 18 degree Celsius during summers, where as the winters are below freezing point.

The region which is above the 4880m mark, generally has a below freezing point temperature and is covered with snow forever. Throughout the season of winter the area faces heavy snow fall, where as the summer is much milder and soothing. The climate in the Himalayan region is highly unpredictable and dangerous.

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