What Are The Lowest And Highest Temperatures Of Saturn?


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Saturn is a beautiful and fascinating planet that has a wide range of different temperatures.

The coldest temperatures on Saturn are found in the icy clouds that make up the gas giant's atmosphere.

The hottest temperatures are located deep within the planet's solid core.

The highest and lowest temperatures of Saturn
The temperature you can expect on Saturn depends on what part of the planet you're intending to visit (although there aren't too many places on Saturn that I'd recommend for vacationing - there isn't even a Nandos!).

  • If you were to travel to the extremities of Saturn's atmosphere, you'd find yourself surrounded by thick clouds of icy ammonia. The temperatures on this part of the planet can drop to a chilly -250° C.
  • However - on the opposite end of the temperature scale - is Saturn's iron, nickle, and rock core, which reaches temperatures of up to 11,700° C.
Interestingly, Saturn is one of the few planets in our solar system that emit more than twice as much heat than it receives from the Sun.

It's thought that gravitational compression could have something to do with this - although there are probably other unknown factors in play too, but which we have yet to discover.

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