List Atlest 3 MNC's Of Global-7 Countries Operating In India Along With Their Products They Manufactures?


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Some of the top MNC's operating in India and the products they manufacture are as follows:

• Microsoft

Microsoft are one of the major players in the computer software market. They have been the leaders for many years in the operating system Windows and also produce many software programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Microsoft are also very successful in the gaming industry with their Xbox and Xbox 360 being one of the most popular consoles around.

• Nokia

Nokia are famous for making mobile or cell phones. They dominated the market in the late 1990s and earlier 2000s with their handsets being the most popular. However with the introduction of Apple's iPhone, Nokia have found it tough going in recent years.

• Canon

Canon are a very respected maker of cameras. They produce both still digital camera and also video recorders. Printers are also produced by canon.

• Nike

Nike are the world-leaders in sportswear and also footwear. They make a lot of the world's biggest sporting team's strips and also sponsor a lot of the most famous sporting athletes and players. Nike produce all kinds of sports clothing as well as equipment such as footballs and golf clubs.

• Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the biggest selling soft drink. They also produce other soft-drinks under different names such as Sprite. Coca-Cola still spend a big budget on advertising and will sponsor a lot of sporting and entertainment events.

It must be noted that the MNC's top 7 global companies can change around quite often. This is due to the company's recent performances and so they may be moved up or down the list depending on how successful they have been.

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