What Are The Problems Faced By The Industries Of India And Their Solution?


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The main problems which are faced are:

• Countries going elsewhere to find products
• New prices resulting in a loss of income
• Industries going out of business

These are all problems for obvious reasons. If countries are going to be looking to get their overseas products from other countries which are going to do the work and provide the products on a cheaper scale, then they are not going to want to do business with India any longer. The prices which have dropped have resulted in many businesses going bust and therefore many people within India are going to be struggling to make ends meet and keep their families fed and watered.

The industry within India relies upon other countries solely, and if there are going to be problems here then India is going to be affected, and this is called the domino affect which is difficult got all countries which are involved. Industries going out of business means that they are not going to be able to rebuild themselves and start again as there are not going to be any support systems in place for them.

Solutions are:

• Following the trend and providing the larger countries with the products that they need
• Create pricing systems so India is going to benefit from the industry
• Support the industries that India needs

Solutions are in place and are going to make a difference as long as India ensures that it protects itself against all of the competition which it has out there to ensure that it is going to be able to stand on the world stage and keep its industries going and as successful as it possibly can.

If these solutions were not in place then India would be struggling to ensure that it would continue to make money and therefore ensure that their entire workforce is also going to have benefits so they are going to be confident and happy with the work that they are doing.
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Many problems faced by the Indian textile industry, the textile enterprises are worried that the next 6 months, worse off. 2008-09, textile and garment export target of 26.55 billion U.S. Dollars. Confederation of Indian Textile Ministry official said that if the current situation does not improve, the scale of export may be related to last year, in 22.13 billion U.S. Dollars. In the industry that the end of this year, exports may be reduced to about 200 billion dollars.

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