How important the nature(slogan)?


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Do you mean that you want a slogan about nature? Or are you asking how important is a slogan about nature? Obviously, you didn't want your question answered by another question so hopefully this will help.

  • Importance of slogans
Slogans are important because if they are done properly they are an effective way of getting an idea or a brand into people's head. It is not unusual to hear people quoting or singing slogans years after they were initially introduced, which means that they were very successful.

  • How to create a slogan
First of all, think about the product that you are trying to promote, in this case, nature, and of all the things that can be associated with it. For something like nature, this is a vast subject so think about whether there are any particular aspects that you want to focus on.

Once you have worked out what you want to promote, remember that your slogan must show a key advantage so that it can have a positive effect on those who hear it. It has also got to be memorable, so short and sweet is the way forward.

  • Characterization of a slogan
Think about how your slogan brings out the character of what it is about, so depending on which part of nature you are promoting will dictate the language that you use. For example, are you describing crashing waves onto rocks, or the peaceful lapping of the sea on a beach; the quick flitting of birds, or the slow, languorous stretch of a sloth?

  • Language
The language that you use is vital. It has to do all of the above in a few words so think of ways to promote those words. Alliteration (repeating the first letter of the words) is often used, as is rhythm and rhyme.

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