Where Is Winmarleigh Hall?


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Winmarleigh Hall is in Lancashire in England. Its full address is Chiltern House, 182 Bristol Avenue, Blackpool, and Lancashire. It is a Victorian Mansion built in the nineteenth century. It is surrounded by fifty acres of woodland, parkland and gardens. It lies south of Lancaster. It is also very close to the beautiful Forest of Bowland. The Hall can accommodate approximately one hundred and eighty guests. These are mostly school groups that visit during term time or children that visit individually during the holidays. Winmarleigh Hall operates from the month of January right up to November.

Winmarleigh Hall is a part of one of the most recognized Educational Tour Operators in England the NST. Every year this group organizes a wide range of visits from all over the UK and Ireland to places from all over the world. Residents fondly remember attending dances at Winmarleigh hall. Recently a M. Callaway a Deputy Head teacher passed away in Winmarleigh Hall. Chief Inspector Dwayne Pipe is investigating the incident.

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