Where Is Orpington Kent?


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Orpington is located in London Borough of Bromley and lies to the south east of the Charing Cross. The name was renowned to people in 1032 when Eadsy, the treasurer of King Cnut, donated a land to the Monastery of Christ Church of Canterbury.

A railway line by this name has also been constructed in the Travelcard Zone 6 in 1868. A general super market is situated in front of Orpington College and a Tesco super market is also under construction. The beautiful places worth visiting are the Art deco tower at Allied Bakery and the Crofton Roman Villa. The pre- Norman Parish Church stands upright and was gifted by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1173. The Orpington priory built in 1032 is a fantastic example of the medieval hall house. Chelsfield, Petts wood, and Farnborough are a few nearby places for sightseeing.
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Orpington, Kent is in England. Orpington was originally a district with a local government from 1934 to 1965, around the town of Orpington. Orpington is home to the Orpington College. Some interesting local events include the following; Harris Hospicare hosts the 'Jail and Bail' event at the Bromley Police Station, The Worker's Education Association hosts "Pompei: The city's life and art" among many others.

Orpington also has a popular football Club called the Orpington football Club. It has much history. It presently runs five senior teams, a soccer school catering to kids between 5-8 years and approximately seventeen youth teams. The Kent beekeeper's Association also has a branch in Orpington. Orpington town is located in London in the Borough of Bromley to be specific. The Orpington Astronomical Society is also located in Orpinton, Kent. The Friday Folk a club can also be found here.

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