How Many 5 Cubic Yard Bags Of Gravel Do I Need To Make 1 Cubic Yard?


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A cubic yard of gravel could never be put into a bag, since it weighs around 2700 pounds.  Five cubic yards would be 13,500 pounds.

Perhaps you need to know "How many 1/5th cubic foot bags make 1 cubic yard?"  (Gravel is about 100 pounds per cubic foot so I'll assume a bag of 20 pounds).  27 cubic feet make 1 cubic yard.  If your gravel comes in one fifth cubic foot bags, then you need 5 * 27 of them which is 135 bags (and a strong back with a good truck).

For 0.5 cubic foot bags, you would need 2 * 27 of them which is 54 bags (and they're 50 pounds per bag, and the load will still be 2700 pounds!)

You're probably better off going to a construction/building materials yard and buy it by the front-end-loader scoop.  I think I paid about $60/yd for enough "1 inch minus" gravel to fill a pick-up truck.

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I need 11 yards of mulch at three inches deep to do my landscaping , I want to use river rock instead. How many bags of river rock do I have to buy?

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