How Many Cubic Yards Are In A Ton Of Mulch?


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Measurements such as these vary considerably depending on the density of a substance, so it is difficult to make an accurate calculation without inspecting the mulch itself. Anything like moisture and the type of material is in the mulch can have a large influence. Considering everything in averages and generalizations an estimate can be made. Composite mulch can have a density of 850 lbs per cubic yard while bark mulch is far less dense at 450 lbs per cubic yard. Taking this into consideration, a quick calculation can determine that in a ton of mulch there can be anything between 2.35 cubic yards and 4.4 cubic yards. This is all dependent on the substances of the mulch.

Mulch is a protective cover placed over soil in order to keep in moisture, provide nutrients, reduce erosion and suppress any weed growth. Mulch is created to try and replicate the leaf cover that can be found on forest floors. Mulch can be made up of a variety of materials. Organic residues such as grass clippings, kitchen scraps, shredded newspaper and cardboard, sawdust and manure, make good mulch materials as well as acting as a compost. Rubber mulch consists of recycled tire rubber while plastic mulch consists of a plastic sheet laid over crops, particularly vegetables, so that they grow through slits and holes in the sheets. Organic mulch can be built up using wood chips, field hay, peat moss and a number of the organic residues mentioned previously to create mulch that is far more environmentally friendly than plastic sheeting.

Mulch is applied in late spring and early summer to get the best benefits as soil temperatures are sufficient and plants are at a stage where they can cope with an increased amount of slugs and snails that come with the mulch. Plastic mulch is used in large-scale crop growing and drip irrigation is necessary to keep moisture in the soil.
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From a selection of web sources, the bulk density of mulch ranges from about 850 lbs/yd³ for a composite type to about 450 lbs/yd³ for bark mulch.

2,000 lb / 850 lb/yd³ = 2.35 yd³
2,000 lb / 450 lb/yd³ = 4.4 yd³

So I'd guess anywhere between 2.4 to 4.4 yd³.

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