Where Is Sabu In Philippines?


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Sabu is an island situated midway between Sumba and Rote, in the eastern side of Indonesia's Province. This island includes Rai Hawu, Rai Jua and Rai Dana and is fringed by coral reef and white sandy beaches. Rai Dana is a small, abandoned island, to be found thirty kilometers south-west of Rai Jua. The months from April to October, deep ocean swells gives a massive pound to the south facing coastlines.

The Sabu Islands are located in a tectonic zone, whereby the Indo-Australian Plate is gradually moving northward, descending under the Eurasian Plate. Volcanic eruptions due to tectonic movements were a cause for the creation of the islands. Sediments from in Earth's crust gradually heat up and increase in plumes of magma, which after cooling turns solidified igneous rocks. Island of Savu or Sabu also has a thick growth of grassland and palm trees.

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