How Big Is The Philippines?


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T Philippines, formally known as the Republic of the Philippines basically is an island country situated towards Southeast Asia.

It physically consists of nearly 7,107 islands which are positioned towards the westernmost extreme of the Pacific Ocean known as the Philippine Archipelago. Archaeological and paleontological hypothesis state that Homo sapiens were present in Palawan during 50,000 BC. It is said that the Aetas came to Philippines nearly 30,000 years ago, most probably through land bridges which linked the region to the Asian continent.

According to the census conducted in the year 2000, the total are of this region was estimated to be 115,831 square miles. The census report also stated that the total population of this region was 76,504,077, having an average population density of 715 per square mile. The current capital of Philippines is Manila.
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This a great peice you put thanks!!!!!! You are awsome! (i am doing a powerpoint presentation on the philippines for my mum which is fhilipino)
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It is bigger than United Kingdom and Spain...  But it is smaller than Japan and U.S.A  Geographically talking.....
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Phil. Is 12000km mile away from other country. The whole diameter of the phil. According to the map is 2500 squared diameter.
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1/2 the size of texas

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