Where Is Radstock, Avon?


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Radstock is in Avon, England. It is a small mining village; most of the houses were built for workers. It was a railway town. It is located on the ancient Roman 'Fosse Way'. It was formerly the powerhouse of Bath. Its inhabitants number about 8,000. It is ten miles south of Bath. The Radstock museum is located in its former market hall.

The famous ecological site Radstock Railway Sidings and a geological site Writhlington SSSI are situated in Radstock. Well preserved fossil plants are found in plenty in the Carboniferous coal measures. Most of the quarries are either closed or overgrown although there still are a few select locations where fossil plants are still collected. Restaurants in Radstock include Arnolfs Place, Charcoal Grill, Bentleys, Dragon Wok, Crossways fish bar, Floyds Take Away etc.

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