What Does A Lotus Flower Look Like?


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Lotus is the national flower of India. It is a flower that floats in water. The roots of this plant are planted in the soil in any river or mostly in ponds, while the leave float above the water surface. The flowers usually grow on big stems, which are several centimetres above the water. The lotus plant usually grows upto 150 cm in height and upto three meters horizontally. The leaf of the plant that floats on water is as big as 60 cm in diameter and the flowers grow upto 20 cm in diameter. The scientific name for lotus is Nelumbo nucifera.

Some of the other names that the lotus shares are Blue Lotus, Indian Lotus, Bean of India, and Sacred Water-lily.
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The lotus is the national flower of India. It grows in fresh water. Lotus can be of pink,red and blue colours.The leaves float on
the water but the lotus grows on stems. Most of the lotus are 150 to 153 cm long and 3 to 4 meters wide. And as evey said its scientific is Nelumbo nucifera. Here are a few pics of lotus.
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