What Does The Flower (heather) Look Like?


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The flower heather is an evergreen branching shrub which blooms in late summer. Wild species of heather usually bloom in mauve and purple colors, although due to breeding and cultivating of the plants you can now get other shades of heather such as; white, pink and red. The actual flowers themselves are quite small and even though the flowers eventually turn brown and fall off the shrub itself stays green all year round. This evergreen shrub consists of tight stems covered with tiny leaves and has 6- to 10-inch flower spikes.

Heather is found in throughout western Europe and in parts of Northeastern Europe, North America and Siberia. Heather varieties are widely cultivated in rock gardens for cut flower arrangements The heather plant is one of the main plants that can be grown on poor, acid and even sandy soils. The Latin name for heather is Calluna Vulgaris.

The name heather originates from Scotland and is derived from the word haeddre which dates back to the 14th century. The botanical name for heath family which the heather is a part of is called Ericaceae which is derived from the Greek Ereike meaning heather or heath.

Heather plants spread at a very rapid pace over large open heath land. This is mainly due to the fact that each tiny heather flower has 30 seeds, so it is quite possible for one large plant to produce up to 150,000 seeds per season.
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