How Can Learning About Psychology Improve Your Everyday Life?


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Psychology is often mistakenly thought to be a highly academic subject, or something only of concern to those who are 'mentally ill'. In fact, psychology is also a practical subject, and the results of academic psychological studies can be applied to everyday life.

Here are a number of ways in which psychology can improve our everyday lives:

Improve Your Motivation
Academic research has given us a wealth of information about what motivates us, and how we can manage our own motivation. The work of academics has been distilled into bite-size pieces of advice that we can use in our daily lives.

Improve Your Communication Skills
It's commonly accepted that non-verbal signals account for a great deal of the meaning we decode during face-to-face conversations. Learning how to read another person's body language is fundamental to ensuring that you convey your meaning effectively to them.

Developing awareness of your own body language will also help you to ensure that your communication is not misread by others.

Make Better Decisions
Understanding what motivates our desires - and what we actually want to get out of life - helps us to make better decisions. Rather than relying upon snap decisions, psychology provides us with tools that we can use to analyse the value we obtain from certain outcomes, and enables us to make judgements that increase the possibility of these outcomes being realised.

Building a Better Memory
Again, academic research has helped our understanding of how memory works, and what techniques we can practice daily in order to improve it. By looking at how we process information when we receive it, we can make sure that memories are stored more effectively.
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Psychology helps us to understand people's inner feelings by reading their body language and appearance. It teaches us how to treat people the right way. But sometimes it is easy to go overboard with your analysis of people and scare them away, if you're not careful.
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you  could read books on psychology.

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Having a degree in Social-Psychology is no different from having a knowledge of street smarts. Trust me, it really doesn't help anything, especially since I retired from Federal Law Enforcement.

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