How Psychology Affects Your Personal Life And For Future Career?


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The woman who has been the talk of the country for the last two weeks that has 14 children and created outrage because of the poverty these kids may have to endure or use tax payers dollars to support them, this woman happens to almost have or has now completed a master's degree in phsycology. Maybe this will help you out in gathering ideas. I'm now lead to believe Intelligence and stupidity walk as hand to hand and on average all people do not walk seperating the two MOST ALL the time. There is no healing for arrogance and every person has it. There is no prayer or fasting or anything else to heal it. Arrogance is presumptious thinking about something or describe it as assuming something to be true and is inconsistant so to speak. . And people shrug off arrogance even when they're shown the truth they only thought they knew and just go on to do it again as an "OH WELL thought I knew. . Shoulder shrug mentallity". Welcome to planet earth.

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