How Does Psychology Affect Us In Life?


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Quite often the results of psychological research can alter the thinking of the wider community. A prime example of this, is the results of Bowlby's 44 Theives study. Bowlby's conclusion of this study is that if children do not have a female primary care giver that is there at all times, i.e. A "stop at home Mum" then this child will grow up to be an emotionless psychopath. These results came just after the end of WW2, when women had been in the work place, and had shown that they were more than capable of working for a living, doing many of the roles that had been previously occupied purely by males. The results of this study may have (or atleast I think intended) to influence the decision of many women to quietly return home, back to being a stop at home mum; for the sakes of their children. In this way Psychology effects us in life.

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