How does a person's dress or dressing style influence during communication?


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Hilary Newton answered
People are judged by there appearance I personally don't do this I have spoken to the homless with the same respect as I would anyone else. If someone chooses to dress gangsta style I would speak the same. Otherwise that would make me a complete patronizing phoney.if a person is not very Educated why patronize them by talking in a differant way. As for dress code what does it matter we are all human underneath.most people can smell shallow a mile away.
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Darcy Taylor answered

It depends on how you are dressed up according to the occasion. If you are well dressed up as it is demanded a particular place definitely you will influence the crowd and you will never feel inferior during communication.

I love to wear Short Skirts when I have to go for an outing with friends, Prom Outfits for Prom party, Pageant Gowns if you are going to any beauty contest and many more...

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Penny Kay answered
I believe that we talk, to some extent, to a persons dressing style. If a person dresses like a gangsta with tattoos, I tend to use more slang and talk down a bit to them. If a person is dressed as a business person, I use my educated language with them. If a person is poorly dressed and seems not to be very educated, then I speak with small words and pattern my speech after theirs to some degree. I think that if we want to be understood by listeners, we tend to speak to them in ways we feel they will understand. One clue of how to do that is to take note of the persons dress code.

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