Why do you think controlling greenhouse gasses is such a difficult problem? List some of the technological, economic, political, emotional, and other factors involved. Whose responsibility is it to reduce our impacts on climate?


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  • Cost
The economic problems are probably the most prominent as some argue that the government has a responsibility to cut down greenhouse gases. Electronic cars have been invented in order to protect the environment from harmful fumes; however, if you consider an average household has one car, the cost of everyone purchasing an electronic vehicle is huge. It is very expensive to manufacture these motors and a huge amount of money would be lost due to gas powered cars still being available. In addition, airplanes contribute massively to greenhouse gases but changing the fuel for an aircraft would be incredibly costly.

  • Scale
It is important to understand that the effects of greenhouse gases are global. As a result, it is almost impossible to control all of these emissions. It is difficult to judge all the factors that contribute to this problem and for them to be completely controlled every single person around the world would have to comply, which is almost impossible to ensure.

  • Politics
This issue is difficult to prioritize in some cases because a lot of citizens would argue that there are more important things that politicians should be concerning themselves with. This puts government officials in a difficult position. In addition, for the controlling method to fully come into effect, neighboring countries would also have to agree to make cut backs.

  • Who's Responsible?
This sparks a debate because some would suggest that the government are responsible for controlling these greenhouse gases because they have the power to make significant changes. They also have the authority to encourage citizens to make lifestyle changes and be made more aware of the dangers of climate change. On the other hand, some may argue that it is up to the individual to play their part by refraining from driving and flying etc.

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