What is the economic importance of plains?


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Assuming that the 'plains' mentioned in the question is referring to 'planes' then aviation is considered to be highly important when considering the economics of a particular country. Aviation statistics are often used by government financial officials when measuring how successful the economy is at a certain period of time.

  • Aviation

This refers to any form of activity relating to the act of flying, for example, the design and manufacture of aircraft; managing or working within airports; piloting a plane or simply being a passenger. Over the past century there have been so many technological advances with regards to aviation that a great deal of competition has surfaced. There are now numerous options of who to fly with such as, Easy Jet, BA, Ryanair, etc, and flying overseas has become available as ridiculously low prices with little risk to passengers.

  • Benefits to the business economy
With numerous opportunities to fly overseas, the interaction between international businesses has dramatically expanded. This has allowed businesses to grow and develop into worldwide monopolies that own the majority of market share within certain sectors. Each of these interaction benefit the economy as a particular country can grow in wealth and power due to its extensive international business deals.

The amount of revenue that aviation brings is enormously substantial as statistics showed that in recent years it accounted for over 11 million American jobs and was the driving force behind $1.2 trillion in a year's economic activity.

  • Wealth of the population
The success of a particular economy can be easily measure by assessing how many citizens are choosing to travel by plane. The larger the number is, the more money the average person must have in order to afford these flights. Also, if there are more cargo flights then there must be more overseas business ventures occurring: A further indication of the economy's success.

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