What Is The Relationship Amongst Data, Information, And Knowledge?


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The relationship between data, information and knowledge is very strong and apparent around the world. Data is a collection of facts or events that are often out of context. In some ways we can say collection of some objects or results of some process are known as data. It is also known as unprocessed information.
When items of data are put together in a certain order and put into the right context then this data becomes information. This information has to give us some type of conclusion of answers or it is simply data.
Then finally, from this information we get knowledge as we find out answers and solutions from the data that has been put into order to create information. Knowledge is the result of learning. Knowledge is the internalisation of information, data, and experience.
So, without one of these aspects then the chain would be broken. Without data we do not have information, without information we do not have knowledge so the relationship between these three objects is very important to gain the end result, knowledge.
An example of this relationship could be; Blood pressure of a patient is known as Data. By checking the blood pressure of the patient we can say that the patient is having high blood pressure. This is information. We are then able to conclude or get a meaningful conclusion from the blood pressure readings, so we call this information. The patient is having high blood pressure because of his family history. This conclusion is of reason of high blood pressure given by a doctor based on his experience and learning. This is then knowledge. So the chain is complete.
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Data is a collection of facts, measurements, and statistics that become information. The
information becomes organized or processed data that reflects accuracy, which is turned into
knowledge. Knowledge is relevant information that can immediately be applied to a subject.

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