Where Are The Ovaries Located In The Body?


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The ovaries are part of the female reproductive system, and are found in pairs among vertebrates (animals with spines). If you’re a girl, you’ll have ovaries in your lower stomach area, where your pelvis is.

Where Are The Ovaries, And What Do They Do?
In human females, the ovaries are located in the pelvic area, either side of the uterus. Each one is about the size of an almond, and they release a single egg every month, unless you're pregnant.

If you have sex, your partner's sperm can fertilize this egg, which then turns into a baby. If the egg isn't used, you flush it out during your period, and your ovaries will release another one the following month.

How Can I Feel Where My Ovaries Are?
The ovaries can be found about four inches below the navel. Each one is out three inches to the side, so that should be just above and inside your hipbones if you’re of average height!

You’ll need to know where your ovaries are if you want to perform a fertility massage. This is supposed to increase your chances of getting pregnant, and has been practiced for hundreds of years across many different cultures.

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