Where Are The Metatarsal Bones Located In The Human Body?


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Finger and toe bones
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The bone structure of the human feet is divided into three major parts namely the tarsus, the metatarsus and lastly the free five digits that constitute the form of toes.

The tarsus, which is made up of the ankle, has a total of seven bones. As for the metatarsus, it comprises of five bones that are also referred to as metatarsals.

Structure wise the metatarsus or the metatarsal bones are short and irregular with a cube-like shape. In the context of numbers and shape, the metatarsals bear a strong resemblance to the similarly and symmetrically arranged bones of the hand, those which are termed as metacarpals. The movement of the hands and toes have their share of similarities but this does not eclipse their quota of differences. One of the most important ones is the greater play movement that the thumb possesses in comparison to the big toe in the foot. This divergence in the two is one of those physical traits that has distinguished man from other living creatures, making him far more superior in functioning and other aspects.

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