Provide at least two ways the historical uses of biotechnology could benefit society and two ways historical uses could be harmful?


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Here are the ways it could benefit society:

• Gene therapy and development. This is a way in which biotechnology is going to benefit society as we would not understand half of what we would about genes within our bodies if we did not use the different tests and experiments which biotechnology has allowed us to do. Over many years we have understood and see how there are many different diseases which are passed down from family member to family member which can now be treated and are no longer going to be life threatening for that person. This is going to help society as we can stop people from suffering from diseases which they don't need to be.
• Drug production. This is also a benefit of the history that biotechnology has provided us with as we can ensure that everyone who needs drugs can have them and that there are not going to be any problems with this. We can get the drugs to people all around the world and ensure that they can be mass produced without there being any difficulties which we cannot overcome.

And the ways historical uses could be harmful:

• Cloning. Cloning is something that is considered harmful within society as we do not know what we are doing and what the effects may be. Biotechnology has allowed us to clone sheep and many other small animals but we are not completely sure of how the experiments are going to work and what condition of life the clone is going to have. This is harmful as many think that this is going completely against nature and is taking the idea of biotechnology too far.
• Food production. Our food which is produced and grown is now becoming affect by biotechnology as farmers are using different substances to ensure that their crops grow successfully, however they are harming us and the different wild life that eat the crops and life within the areas.

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