What Is The Most Important Contribution Of Science And Technology To Society With Regards To Health?


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Science and technology has a great contribution in our  hospital facilities especially with the sophisticated technology that we are using now in our hospital in order to manage diseases and health of the people. I couldn't mention all the details about the technology in the hospital.  There are lots of those just like the one used in the operating room, but I would like to cite one which is something common like blood pressure apparatus to measure our blood pressure wether it is high or low. Another is we have glocumeter to measue our blood sugar for the management of diabetes mellitus. Those are just some of the simple but very useful technologies we have. When you say science, it is the body of knowledge and the product of that knowledge is technology. Science also has many branches depending on its field of study. Some of the knowledge accumulated in science contributed a lot  to the basis or concepts in managing our health or diseases considering our anatomy and physiology which is also studied in science. In some cases nursing principles and pratices were also based on science, not only nurses but much more our physicians and other health team members such as medtech  and radiologist utilize science and technology!
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To answer your question, the most important contribution of science and technology to health has been the ability to find cures for most ailments. There have been many contributions – the concept of wellness, diet, etc. The most important has been the ability to provide cures or preventive measures for the different ailments that afflict us. Progress in science and technology has meant the discovery of complex techniques to cure previously incurable diseases. The development of vaccines has meant that diseases like small pox have been totally eradicated. Advancements in technology have given surgeons the tools to come up with complex surgical equipment to make previously complicated surgeries simple and previously impossible surgeries possible.

Therefore, the single greatest contribution of science and technology to the field of health has been the ability to find cures. If there was no development in science and advancements in technology, most of the procedures and medication available today would have remained the subject of medical fantasy, not reality.
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I guess it could be the better living environment and life quality. Science has changed our life!

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The most important contribution of science and technology to society is probably the advent of the biotechnology industry following the sequencing of the human genome. Not only did this event open up the key to understanding the nature of genes, noncoding DNA and other biological processes that were previously unexplored, it also helped to develop the infrastructure and technology to help explore the data produced. The biotechnology industry now is involved in many different aspects of society, but in terms of health, the most prevalent applications are the use of genetic screening for disease diagnosis, the applications of gene therapy, the comparison studies of polymorphism between individual humans and chimpanzee to discover differences that shape our uniqueness, the discovery of environmental factors that can modify our genetic makeup, and now the latest research on elements apart from genes that control the biological processes of organisms (non-coding DNA). Any one of these contributions can be regarded as being significant to health, depending on your angle. However, up to now, the sequencing of the human genome would be the event that started the genomic revolution, and that would be in my opinion the most important contribution, and the first significant co-operation between science and technology.
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