Describe the extraction of sucrose from sugar cane?


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As sugar cane is large it is hard to transport, and it is usually taken to a factory near where it is harvested in order for the extraction process to begin.

Before anything can be done to the cane, it needs to be cleaned and washed to remove any impurities from the product.

The next step is for the cane to be crushed, as this will extract all of the juices from it.

Once all juice has been extracted, it is heated to a high temperature so that the water starts to evaporate. All that is left after this process is the pure syrup from the sugar cane.

This syrup is heated a second time, so that the syrup will form crystals. In this form the raw product is much easier to transport and store.

The term 'sucrose' is known commonly as 'table sugar'. If you look at sugar closely you will be able to see the small crystal shapes that have formed from the heating of the sugar cane juices.

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