Please Tell Me How To Make Vinegar From Sugar Cane?


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It is quite difficult to make your own vinegar from sugar cane. Frankly it is easier and more pragmatic to simply buy some cane vinegar- especially since there are so many good brands around like for instance Steen's vinegar.

However you can also make your own vinegar- by first growing a crop of some quality sugar cane. Let the sugar cane ripen in the fields itself. After harvesting the sugar cane it must be thoroughly crushed to extract the sweet sugary syrup. This syrup must then be properly fermented. Thus sugar cane vinegars are made through the acetic and alcoholic fermentation of sugary molasses, syrups or solutions. Lastly to obtain the best flavour age the vinegar in oak barrels. The longer you ferment the better the flavour will be.

Cane vinegar is common in the Illcos Region in the Philippines as well as in France and America.

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