What Size Box Is 1 Cubic Foot?


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The size of box which is one cubic foot is one cubic foot. This is the length multiplied by the width and then by the height.

The dimensions of the sides, bottom and top of the box can vary but as we already know when multiplied together they give a one cubic foot box.

For example, the box could be one foot (12 inches/30 centimetres) long, one foot (12 inches/ 30 centimetres) wide and one foot (12 inches/ 30 centimetres) high and this would give a one cubic foot box.

However the box could also be a variation on these sizes such as two feet long, by six inches wide by one foot high. Or one foot long by two feet wide and six inches high.

One cubic foot is made up of 1728 inches so any three figures which when multiplied together make this number will give the dimensions of a one cubic foot box. A cubic foot is one twenty-seventh of a cubic yard.

A cubic foot is an imperial unit used in the UK and the United States to measure volume and is used for measuring oil and gas.

Increasingly measurements in cubic inches and cubic feet are being superseded by metric measurements especially in manufacturing industries.

The Standard Cubic Foot has long been used for measuring gas by volume and it can be used to measure it as it passes through a compressor at a set pressure.

A cubic measurement indicates the volume of a cube.
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A cubic foot can be any product of length and width and height that multiplies out to one cubic foot (ft3)

The most obvious dimension for a square box would be one foot by one foot by one foot.  But it could just as well be one foot by two feet by half a foot.  Or it could be three inches by three inches by sixteen feet long.  All of these multiply out to be one cubic foot.

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