How Do You Figure Cubic Feet?


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To work out cubic feet you simply multiply the length times the width times the depth. Length x Width x Depth. Calculating cubic feet might be necessary to know how many cubic feet are in an area, such as when you are laying concrete and need to know how much mix to use. Finding cubic feet is similar to finding square footage, but with the added element of height. Instead of finding the number of feet in a flat area, you are finding volume by multiplying the length, width and height of a space in feet.

Measure the length and width of the object or area using a tape measure or ruler, depending on how big the area is. The length is generally considered to be the longest area and the width is the shorter or wider area, although which way round you have them does not really matter. Double check your measurements to ensure they are accurate. Write your measurements down rather than trying to remember them. Measure the height and depth of the object or area. Start at the base or floor and measure up to the highest point. Ensure all of your measurements are in the same units. This may mean that you will need to use your calculator to do some maths and make sure it is all the same. If you measured in inches, it is usually easier to convert everything to decimals. If you are unsure of how to convert one measurement into another, use ‘’ which is a simple website which does all the hard work for you. Once you have your three accurate measurements, grab your calculator again and multiply them together. The result will be the cubic feet.
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Measure the space in feet. Measure the length, the width and the height.  Multiply those three numbers together.
For example, if the space is 3 ft long, 2 feet wide and 2 and one half feet high,  then 3 X 2 X 2.5=15 cubic feet.

I can't make any sense out of what Toohumble said, either.
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I have a freezer that is 18 inches deep 44.5 inches high and 23 inches wide. What is the cubic feet of my upright freezer?
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Okay, so if I've got a garden path that I want to mulch and that path measures 55 feet by 6 feet wide, and I want the mulch to be 3 inches deep, would I figure it this way? 55 X 6 X .25??? Or by 1.25 ? For how many cubic feet of mulch I need?
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I don't know you measure things. Like cubic squares if there are things like tthtaaa
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Just measure the length, width and height of the object in feet and you get your answer. I.e. A box 3ft by 2ft by 3ft would be 3x2x3 = 18 cubic feet
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It is the same as square footage, but see for 1 square foot of space, you have a perimeter of four feet because of each side being 1 foot long.  That is square footage is flat plained so to configure for 1 cubic foot that is a 3 dimensional space. So 3 cubed is 9. Take 12 inches and cube that. That is where the X ,Y , and Z come into play see? For square footage it is just two, the X and the Y. For Cubic feet, you need to know your X, Y, and Z. Hope I didn't confuse you.

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